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Welcome to Ramdoot Innovations! First, before you jump to any conclusions: this is a non-commercial site! No ads, no commercial mumbo-jumbo :-) And it is run by an individual — simply on a code-name “Ramdoot Innovations”.

Why then, is the name “ramdoot”? What is the significance of this?
When I decided to get on to the web — in the year 2007, I did not want to reveal my name out (crazy idea, but this was what it was). I needed a fancy name by which I run my blogs, my thoughts, etc. on the web. This name happened to be “ramdoot”.

And what’s that “innovations” doing here?
Blame it on the domain name of this site :-)

Having got the name “ramdoot”, I wanted a website that I could call mine. Did not want a “.com” site as that will paint this commercial. No, not a “.org” — I run no foundations, and no charity institutions — left that for somebody who might want. “.in” was a choice offered to me — and I took it. Now, how can I make people remember this? “.in” is not very common among non-Indians — and I needed some way to make that click. “Innovations” was born out of that — it starts with “in”, and fitted the theme of the content that I planned to put in here.

So, what can you find here?
Pretty much my online presence — which in direct terms means my blogs on the topics of Software Engineering and Technology.

Ok, got it. One final question — is this a personal site?
Well, yes!

Year 2020 — and I am now joined (occasionally) by my family members to help in my next big mission: Ramdoot Innovations has an additional purpose, but before I get there, a bit of history.

It was started with a passion for teaching, the seeds of which, as mentioned before, were sown in the year 2007. Originally, it contained only blog articles in the field of Software Engineering and Technology.

In the year 2020, when there was a large-scale need for quality distance education (thanks to COVID-19) at affordable prices, in keeping with the original theme of the site, we started a huge project of creating online-courses in Physics for 10, 11 and 12th Standard CBSE syllabus. The prevailing rates for taking a tutoring class, especially for Physics, was very high — in the range of ₹300-₹400/hr — and a minimum of 12hrs per month. And that comes to ₹50,400 annually — only for Physics! When you compare this with the fees paid for a regular school (which offer much more than just a subject), these rates are exorbitant!

This high price puts a great deterrent in front of a student wanting to take that additional help to prepare for an exam. And we set out to break this — a mission to bring quality education affordable to all students, regardless of where they are.

In early 2021 was born Eduscape — our brand new site for offering affordable video courses for Physics.

What is more affordable than FREE? Well, that’s our mission — so this continues to be a non-commercial venture!